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My Story...

Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Expert

and Personal Trainer

Look, I’ve been where you are!


After I had my 2 precious boys my weight shot up!


I was trying to juggle motherhood, work and home while being a wife and my health really started to suffer.


I was living on fast food, pop tarts and too much wine!


My stress levels were maxed out and my clothes kept getting tighter!


I would start some fad diet desperate to make the scale move only to lose my motivation and give up before ever reaching my goals. Finally I figured out the secret to losing weight easily and I lost 40lbs and have kept it off without dieting!

That's why I've created this program for other busy moms just like me!


Are are a busy mom ready to:

  • End the on again, off again diet cycle forever?

  • Eat without all the diet rules and restrictions?

  • Stop spending hours in the kitchen on complicated "healthy" meals your family will not eat!

  • Seamlessly fit exercise into your schedule.

  • Have all day long energy, motivation and confidence?

  • Have a healthy lifestyle that is simple and easy for the rest of your life?

Want to hear more about my program and how I can help you? Watch my program video and apply to work with me today!



Fun Facts About Me:

  • I'm a wife and mom of 2 sweet boys #boymom

  • I'm a chicken farmer. We have 17 laying hens and 2 Roosters

  • I'm Canadian and moved to Alabama when I was 28

  • I love God and Jesus is my best friend!

  • I have a small addiction to Amazon but who doesn't? Right????????

  • I'm a future New York Times Bestselling author ;-)

  • I send some awesome newsletters you can join my mailing list below!

Trish and Kole
Trish and boys
Then and Now
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